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TOP 10

Here is a list of my 10 favorite books for 2018 so far.


Tribe: On Homecoming by Sebastian Junger

A book about the aftermath of war and how societies deal with it.



Our Year of War by Daniel Bolger

The story of the Hagel brothers in Vietnam.



Leonardo DaVinci by Walter Isaacson

An indepth look into DaVinci's mind and life.



Devil in the White City by Erik Larson

A fantastic read about the 1893 World's Fair in Chicago and Dr. H. H. Holmes. Definitely didn't want to put this down. You will feel like you are in Chicago and in Holmes's Castle. Nail biting. 



Andrew Jackson and The Miracle of New Orleans by Brian Kilmeade

The phenomenal story about the battle of New Orleans.



Astrophysics for People In A Hurry by Neil DeGrasse Tyson

A scientific study of what made the universe in layman's terms.



Killers of the Flower Moon by David Grann

An unbelievable recounting of the murder of Native Americans for millions of dollars.



Washington's Farewell by John Avlon

A must read and a cautionary tale told by our first president.



Blitzed by Norman Ohler

The true story of the drugs that fueled the Nazi's blitzkrieg. 



The Oregon Trail by Rinker Buck

A modern day journey on whats left of the Oregon Trail.

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