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Creating your own library at home

I read almost strictly on a Kindle. I miss the feel of the page but for convenience and application I feel a Kindle is the best medium. It is easy to handle, you can look up definitions and highlight passages. It is an excellent learning and reference tool.

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Loulou Finch
Loulou Finch
28. Sept. 2022

I totally agree with you. 😀 I use a Kobo eReader (waterproof) for simply the ease of it and weightlessness of it and I carry so many books on it wherever I go, during travel, commute, in bed. That way, I never run out of books thanks to my eReader. I usually buy the books and read them on the Kobo, but I still buy paper books as well, preferably a signed edition, that way I always have a hard copy of books by writers that I really admire, and I support the authors and independent bookstores. I love that feeling of holding a real book, sniffing it. I even bought the same book thrice, one on my eReader an…

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